Sunday December 10th, 2023
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British Foreign Secretary Confuses Egypt and Turkey During Press Conference

We know the differences are subtle, but it seems like the head of the UK's Foreign Office should know the difference between Egypt and Turkey.

Staff Writer
The new British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, appears to have mixed up Egypt and Turkey during a press conference beside US Secretary of State John Kerry, The Daily Mail reports.
Deflecting questions addressing numerous claims that he has offended politicians in the past and several other gaffes, Johnson attempted to discuss politics in the Middle East. “We have real problems in Yemen, which are currently intractable, and we have a burgeoning crisis in Egypt,” Johnson said, repeating himself later on. 
While the situation in Egypt is worthy of global attention, it certainly isn’t ‘burgeoning’ as Johnson put it. This led many to believe he had confused Egypt with Turkey, which recently saw a failed coup attempt. The Foreign Office of the UK maintains that Johnson indeed meant to say Egypt.