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Bibliotheca Alexandrina Goes Orange To Prevent Violence Against Women

The Library of Alexandria lights up in orange to commemorate the beginning of a 16-day international campaign to combat violence against women.

Library of Alexadria Lights Up in Orange

Last night, the beautiful and historic Library of Alexandria was lit up in bright orange to commemorate the beginning of the international #16days campaign to help combat physical abuse and sexual violence against women.

According to UN Women Egypt’s Facebook post, the orange colour is intended to represent "a world free of violence against women and girls." There was also a stand at the library which saw 300 participants standing together to raise awareness of the issue and shed light on the importance of implementing a zero-tolerance policy against it.

The #16days campaign is an international campaign which takes place every year starting from the 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The campaign runs until Human Rights Day, on December 10th. The movement was formed in 1991 by activists at the Women’s Global Leadership Institute, and is used to bring people together to promote a discussion on this critical topic.

The Library of Alexandria was among the many buildings around the world that was lit in orange, including the Magistrate Court of Zimbabwe and the Parliament House of Pakistan, to celebrate this year's #16days campaign and to #orangetheworld.