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An Egyptian Organisation is Supplying 3D Printed Face Shields to Doctors for Free

Armed with 3D printers, Project Nitrous is helping medical professionals in Egypt keep themselves - and others - safe as they work.

3d mask

Around the world, 3D printing technology is being used as a much more affordable, eco-friendly, and time-efficient solution to shortages on medical and pharmaceutical equipment. And there is no time when it has been more needed more than the present.

An Egyptian foundation specialising in digital fabrication and 3D printing technology, Project Nitrous, is using an open source design offered by international company Prusa of a 3D printed protective face shield to help medical professionals in Egypt keep themselves - and others - safe as they work.

The design is available online, for free, and Project Nitrous has been using it to create the shields themselves and donate them to Egyptian hospitals and doctors. Medical professionals only need to fill out a form and the equipment will be delivered to their door.

Project Nitrous is a non-profit organisation and joint initiative between Giza Systems Education Foundation and supported by Drosos Foundation. They focus on using digital fabrication technology to address the day-to-day needs of persons with disabilities. Their form can be found at

Anyone with access to a 3D printer can access and download the design for the face shield and help create and supply more of the equipment to Egypt’s hospitals at

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