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Ahmed Mekky Returns for a Sixth Season of ‘El Kebeer Awy’ After Three Year Hiatus

After a three year break, the hit Ramadan show ‘El Kebeer Awy’ is making a comeback in 2021 with its star Mekky reprising his role(s).

ahmed mekky

Some of you thought it wasn’t ever going to happen, but we’re heading back to the fictional Al-Mazarita village for one more crazy ride. After a three year hiatus, Ahmed Mekki is re-donning the thicc stache for a sixth season of his hit show ‘El Kebeer Awy’, due to be released for Ramadan 2021.

It remains unclear how much of the show’s cast - most notably Donia Sameer Ghanem and Mohamed Salam - are joining him in the comeback. Debuting almost a decade ago in Ramadan 2010, the sitcom has since turned into the El Kebeer Cinematic Universe, giving any superhero franchise a run for its money - especially since Mekky plays, like, 4 or 5 different characters. Talk about budget control. Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out.

Last year, Mekky took to the theatre in a spin-off show based on one of the many characters he plays on ‘El Kebeer Awy’, Hazal’oum. The show sadly had to hit the brakes due to the pandemic, but Mekky’s hopeful he’ll be able to take centre stage soon again.

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