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Ahmed El Sakka Finally Agrees to Star in a Streaming Platform Series

Although very little is known about the programme, Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka is generating buzz with his first streamed series, ‘Wazn Richa’.

Egyptian superstar Ahmed El Sakka is finally going to grace our computer and/or phone screens with his first-ever streamed series, ‘Wazn Richa’.

Directed by Mariam Hamdy and written by Mohamed Hesham Ebey (the same guy who wrote ‘60 Minutes’ and ‘Rahim’), ‘Wazn Richa’ will run for eight episodes - and as it’s still in the works, with very little else is known about it.

Due to the unique nature of the project, it’s stirring up quite a discussion about what the cast and crew for the series will look like down the line, especially as it will follow El Sakka’s highly-anticipated war film ‘El Serb’, which centres on the 2015 Egyptian airstrike in Libya against terrorist forces.