Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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A Group of Intrepid Athletes are Preparing to Run 100 KM Across South Sinai

Located amidst the Sinai mountains, on a long 100KM trail, Wild Guanabana’s upcoming ultra marathon ‘Hathor 100’ is set to be a challenging, immersive experience.

Staff Writer

In the deserts of South Sinai, among the rocky trails and vast expanses of sand, lay the ruins of a temple that was once dedicated to the goddess Hathor. The path on which it sits is ancient, mystical and about 100 km long - and it'll serve as the setting for Wild Guanabana’s upcoming ultra marathon ‘Hathor 100’! Organised under Ultra Egypt, the marathon is on for its second year in a row at South Sinai's ‘Serabit El-Khadim’, and will run from December 10th to December 13th.

Not so much a race as an entirely immersive experience, Hathor 100 will see up to 50 trail runners put their strength, dedication and stamina to the test while giving them the opportunity to interact with and learn about the Bedouin heritage of the area. On the first day of the marathon, participants will run 35KM, and then round it all off their second day with 65KM. No one will judge us if we feel just a mite inadequate, right?

“On the marathon, you’re completely enveloped by nature and disconnected,“ Omar Samra, Egyptian adventurer and founder of Wild Guanabana, told CairoScene. “You’re also alert because the terrain is constantly changing so you need to strategize and plan, putting you in a meditative state and immersed in what you’re doing.”

Before the marathon, the ancient trail had been abandoned and neglected for hundreds of years. Samra and his team are hoping to use the event to attract attention to the area, and support its people by employing and empowering the local Bedouin community.

“We see the marathon as an opportunity to tell these stories, to preserve the history and intangible heritage held within the area,” Samra told CairoScene, “We’d love to bring the area back into people’s consciousness and help preserve the heritage of the Bedouin people.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes, head to to apply. Positions are still open, but they're only accepting 50 participants, so don't slouch!