Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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46 Mosques to Be Inaugurated Across Egypt This December

Amongst them is the Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque, which has had its interior walls and decorations restored to their former glory.

Cairo Scene

The Ministry of Awqaf announced the inauguration of 46 new mosques across 11 governorates in Egypt on December 2nd, bringing the number of mosques that have been restored or newly built since July to 351.

Historical mosques in Cairo specifically have been undergoing maintenance, preserving their value as historical sites and places of worship. 

Notably, Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque has recently been restored, with special attention given to its interior walls and decorations. The Al Sayeda Zainab neighbourhood is set to be similarly developed, as part of a nationwide plan to preserve historic neighbourhoods, mosques, and shrines.