Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Mortada Mansour Selected Chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Committee

We expect plenty of controversial headlines to come as Parliament selects Mortada Mansour to sit as the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee.

Staff Writer

Mortada Mansour Selected Chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Committee

Controversial figure and now parliamentarian, Mortada Mansour has just been named the Chairman of Parliament's Human Rights Committee.

At the first session of Egypt's new parliament, the stubborn Mansour refused to take the same oath as his parliamentarian colleagues, swearing to respect “articles of the constitution” instead of just “the constitution”, as he believes the January 25th revolution was not a revolution. Despite already causing problems on day one, according to, Mansour was selected to be the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee solely based on his age, as the parliament decided that the oldest 19 members should head the 19 committees that are set to review the plethora of decrees issued since President Al-Sisi took power.

Chairman of Zamalek's Sporting Club, Mortada Mansour has a history of making controversial statements and levelling accusations against his club's own Ultras fans, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2012, he was acquitted of being involved in the 'Battle of the Camel', when pro-Mubarak supporters rode camels and horses into Tahrir, attacking protesters and leaving at least 11 people dead.

As it stands, it has only been a week and Mansour has already made the headlines twice, and will likely continue to make headlines with his new position as it is no secret that there are a plethora of human rights concerns in Egypt.