Monday May 29th, 2023
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UAE Cybersecurity Firm Comae Acquired by Canada's Magnet Forensics

Founded in 2016, Comae uses cloud-based memory analysis to recover evidence from device memories.

Startup Scene

Marking the fifth exit by a UAE startup, Canada’s Magnet Forensics has announced the acquisition of Comae Technologies, a cybersecurity firm that specialises in incident response and memory analysis.

Founded by Matt Suiche in 2016, Comae Technologie uses cloud-based memory analysis to recover evidence from device memories. Magnet Forensics, meanwhile, develops digital investigation software that acquires, analyses and manages evidence from digital sources, such as computers, mobile devices, IoT devices and cloud services. Through the acquisition, Magnet Forensics will look to accelerate the development of the memory analysis platform within the Magnet Idea Lab, an incubator made up of hundreds of investigators and analysts from leading police agencies and enterprises.

“Magnet Forensics is widely recognised in the digital forensics and incident response industry for its innovative solutions, which are proving to be increasingly pivotal in protecting public safety, and the leading talent developing them,” Suiche said. “My team and I are thrilled to be continuing our work alongside the team at Magnet Forensics, where the incident response technology can help protect thousands of enterprises and communities from cybercrime.”

Suiche’s role will still be critical moving forward, as he is to lead a memory analysis and incident response research and development team at Magnet Forensics, further developing a memory analysis platform and integrating the technology into the company’s existing solutions.