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Khayrazad and Bassita Launch Clickfunding Campaign To Build ICUs in Al Nas Hospital for Children

Khayrazad and Bassita have launched a star-studded clickfunding campaign to raise money for Al Nas Hospital for Children. With every view their video gets, their sponsors pledge more money to create new ICUs that will treat patients for free.

It's always time to come together; global crises simply remind us of what happens when we don't. Serving an example of how you can cooperate to accomplish great things through social media, non-profit organisation Khayrazad and social start-up Bassita have launched a clickfunding campaign to build 12 new Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in Al Nas Hospital for Children that will treat patients for free.

Entitled 'What Matters Most', the campaign was created by Wunderman Thompson (JWT) and features some of Egypt's favourite stars, like Hend Sabri, Shereen Reda, Ahmed Malek, Salma Abu Deif and the one and only Fifi Abdo. If you haven't heard of 'Clickfunding' before, it's a form of fund-raising that converts clicks into money - in this case, with the help of a video. Views on the campaign's video will turn into funds pledged by the campaign’s sponsors, which include Fairmont Nile City, Oud, Oriental Weavers, Rameda, AAIB, By Ganz, Wunder Thompson and Ades. It's exactly what it sounds like - the more views the video has, the more money Al Nas Hospital for Children gets. And it's going to need a lot of views to reach their goal of EGP 3 million.

“Through this campaign, we aim to connect different sectors of society: NGOs, foundations hospitals and more,” Mostafa Habib, Project Manager at Bassita told CairoScene, “It gives us an opportunity to stand together and truly make an impact.”

Al Nas Hospital is a large tertiary care medical city in Shubra, and is expected to serve over 20,000 in-patients and 40,000 out-patients per year, with a medical staff of over 1,000 physicians. While they hope the video alone will raise EGP 3 million to fund these new ICUs, Khayrazad aims to raise EGP 5 million overall through a variety of campaigns.

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