Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Careem Joins UAE’s Grocery Q-Commerce Race with Launch of Careem Quil

At the core of Careem's new offering is a network of dark stores that aim to ensure that groceries are delivered in 15 minutes or less.

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Over the past two years, Careem has been steadily moving away from this idea that it is merely a chauffeur app, providing its users with multiple services on a single platform. In the pursuit of this 'super app' strategy, Careem has launched Careem Quik, a quick-commerce e-grocery service that will allow users to get all of their groceries in 15 minutes or less through its hyperlocal network of dark stores.

“We’re on a mission to simplify lives and give back time to spend on the things that matter," Chase Lario, Careem's Head of Groceries, says. "Making your grocery shopping 10x easier is a small first step on that journey. Thanks to Careem's customer-centric app and our extensive experience in last-mile delivery, we can optimise the entire delivery supply chain to bring better speed, value, and quality of experience to the market.”

From ordering to delivery, Careem is able to control the entire supply chain process through their dark store network, which will be operated by order pickers called 'Quikers' who process the order, before giving them to dedicated Quik delivery Captains. Warehouse infrastructure within these dark stores will be automated over time, using robotic carts supplied through Careem's Kiwibot partnership to make the process as efficient as possible.

Careem Quik will begin by catering to users in Business Bay, JVC and the Marina by the end of 2021, before expanding to most of Dubai by early 2022. Careem aims to establish over 100 dark stores in Dubai by the end of 2022.