Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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AUC Spinoff Startup Suitera Hits $10M Valuation After New Investment

The investment has come via veteran of the semiconductor industry, Jacob Jacobsson, positioning the startup to launch a physical extractor.

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Racing to keep up with the acceleration of speed and data the world is currently witnessing, an AUC spinoff company, Suitera, is busy developing the next-generation of electronics, fine-tuning solutions that help handle the ever-increasing complexity of integrated circuitry. This technology has applications beyond just electronic systems such as in automotive or avionics.

Since its founding in 2020, the semiconductor startup has attracted a wealth of funding from different players in the EDA industry. The most recent investor is Jacob Jacobsson, an EDA and semiconductor veteran with years of industry experience. His latest investment in Suitera brought the company’s valuation to $10 million. Along with the influx of new capital, Jacobsson will be joining Suitera’s technical and business advisory boards. The addition of this leading figure and new capital will enable Suitera to continue developing their products and increasing the accuracy of its complex circuit behavior predictions. 

Currently in the works is Suitera’s second product; not quite yet in its Alpha phase, the physical extractor is said to generate a full electromagnetic-based physical model for circuits with unprecedented accuracy. The extraction tool boasts a speed orders of magnitude higher than similar tools in the market, offering the capacity to handle complex circuits previously too large to handle. Along with this expedited speed, the new tool will also seamlessly connect to mainstream stimulation tools.

Suitera’s portfolio of tools and solutions simplify the intricacy of the design of next generation integrated circuits like 5G. Its services will be delivered in the form of standalone and cloud-based products along with integrated solutions for industry-standard tools. As the industry trends towards more complex circuits using building blocks as small as 5nm and higher telecommunications frequencies, Suitera is analytical technology in tandem, playing catch-up says Founder Yehea Ismail: “Suitera is on a path to transform next-generation electronics,” said Ismail, “Our core technologies are built to an unprecedented accuracy level in physical modeling as well as revolutionary optimization and speedup that can handle the massive complex circuits expected in the future.” 

The company’s first product, dubbed MOReal, was developed in-house as a model for order reduction, enabling the generation of a small circuit model to replace the larger one with faster analysis and simulation. This innovative tool proved to outperform its competitors with a higher quality of output.