Sunday September 24th, 2023
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The 48th Cairo International Book Fair Kicks Off Next Week

One of the largest book markets in the Arab world has made its way into our calendars again! We’re not sure we’re ready to become over excited by the overwhelming amount of books that are about to hit us.

Staff Writer

Imagine if we could gather all of the worldly scientists, poets, chefs, doctors, fiction and fantasy writers, parents, innovators, economists, politicians, and artists into one room and have each one of them tell us a story. If we then wrote down all of their stories into a journal, would we not have the most incredible memoir on the face of the earth? We don’t have to dream of absorbing up all of the experience, knowledge, and cultural differences of these people, because the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) is here again for the 48th time! You know something is good when you've been hooked on it for 48 years.

For all you book-loving devotees, the fair commences on the 26th of January and runs until the 10th of February. The CIBF carries one of the largest markets of books in the Arab world. It provides us with a platform to collect and exchange cultural ideas while facilitating a discussion with the authors and publishers hosting the different stalls.

This year’s special guest of honour will be Morocco. 35 countries will participate in the fair - 22 from the Arab world and Africa, and 13 from various international countries. There will also be a whopping 850 publishers present - 550 of them will be Egyptian, 250 from the Arab world, and 250 international publishers.

Check out the Facebook event here.