Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Netflix Original 'From the Ashes' Becomes Saudi’s Biggest Global Hit

The film hit top 10 non-English film lists in 37 countries worldwide, across five continents.

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The Saudi Netflix Original film ‘From the Ashes’ has become the country’s biggest global hit since the country first began to cultivate its own home-grown film industry in 2018. Directed by Khalid Fahad, the film was trending in 37 countries across five continents in the first three weeks after its release.

Part high school drama, part murder mystery, part teen comedy, the film is based on the true story of a fatal fire in an all-girls school, and features a cast of young new Saudi actors. Much like the success of ‘La Casa de Papel’ across the world, the story is compelling enough to draw people in regardless of how far they may be from the Kingdom.

The film's cultural authenticity, as much as its blend of genres, appears to have attracted international viewers who are curious about productions from somewhere less familiar. Relatable jokes and references are all well and good, but something new from outside a person’s normal bubble has clearly struck a chord; the show already accumulated nearly 12 million hours viewed as of February 4th.