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Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum of Art Reopens After 10 Years

After being closed down for 10 years, the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum - which hosts works by fine artists like Claude Monet, Rodan and Lucien Matte - will finally reopen after restoration.

After a decade of closure followed by months of restoration, the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum is finally reopening on April 4th. Built in 1915, this palace in Giza was once the home of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Pasha - who served as the Prime Minister of Egypt twice in his life - and his wife, Emiline Lock. Sharing a taste for the arts, they built one of the largest personal collections in the country. The palace is a work of art in its own right, with its distinct Art Nouveau architecture flanked by flourishing greenery.

In 1962, the palace was officially inaugurated as a museum after the couple passed. It is home to works by prestigious artists like Claude Monet, Rodan, and Lucien Matte.