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Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art 'My Favorite Things' Exhibit Open to Egypt's Female Artists

The exhibition welcomes submissions from any kind of medium and any theme. Submissions are open until July 7th.

mashrabia gallery

Here's an opportunity for all you ladies out there who'd rather spend Friday night hunched over a canvas with paint dripping down your jeans or hands elbow-deep in a pile of clay destined to be sculpted into your inevitable masterpiece. The Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art are accepting submissions from all Egypt-based female artists for its upcoming annual exhibition, ‘My Favorite Things’, which will – as you may expect –be held online. Doesn’t matter what medium you choose, whether it's sculpture or a painting or a mosaic, as long as you can take a high res photo of it - last thing you need is to have your work marred by some stray JPEG artefacts.

Encouraging entrants to give in to their creative drive, Mashrabia Gallery invites artists to submit multiple pieces if they wish, as long as they're part of a set that fits together visually and conceptually. The artists can even submit sketches for unfinished projects that have not yet been completed. The one condition that all submitted pieces must follow, though, is that they must have been created between 2019 and 2020.

While you're applying, make sure to include your CV, high res photos of your artwork with accompanying captions, and a short statement about your work, and send them all to with the subject line ‘My Favorite Things 5 Application.’ Deadline for submissions is July 7th 2020. For more information, head over to

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