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Jameel House Online are Combining Traditional Arts with Modern Materials With Their Online Workshops

Jameel House Online’s online workshops teach painting with coffee, crocheting with plastic bags and ornamental drawing with Islamic geometry!

Art Jameel Online Courses

Online workshops have become a common blessing during the quarantine, but it’s not every day you come by a course that teaches you how to paint with coffee or how to crochet with recycled plastic bags – and that’s exactly what Jameel House Online are offering through their free courses. The workshops will show you how to create traditional art using everyday materials, and are aimed at artists of all levels in English and Arabic. Art Jameel - the Saudi Arabian platform with hubs in KSA, Dubai and Cairo – aims to preserve cultural heritage through art and architecture.

“These workshops are quite sustainable as they’re uploaded online, and people can go back to it whenever they want,” Basma Hamed, Communications Manager of Jameel House of Traditional Arts in Cairo, told CairoScene.  “They offer something to people who are stuck at home, and can only use materials you would normally find in the house.”

Cairo’s Jameel Centre for Traditional Arts – established in 2009 - offers a  two-year scholarship-based traditional arts diploma, where art enthusiasts can be taught by in-house and visiting professors from the UK’s Prince’s Foundation of Traditional Arts. Jameel Arts also established Atelier Cairo, an Egyptian artisanship and design platform which empowers craft designers with the skills to begin and expand their businesses , while providing them with a space to exhibit their art.

To check out Jameel House Online’s full range of workshops, and to find out more about how you can enroll in Cairo Jameel Centre for Traditional Arts’ diploma programme, click here.

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