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Encore! Cairo Show’s Aladdin Returns for Two Special Shows Dedicated to Healthcare Workers

We’re in a whole new (scary) world ourselves, so what’s better than to bring some levity to the audiences that need it most? Cairo Show’s holding two special shows of their production of Aladdin for medical workers and families of fallen soldiers.

aladdin cairo show

Egyptian theatre production house Cairo Show is clearing the dust bunnies off their magic carpets; their production of Aladdin is coming out of hiatus for two special performances!

After halting production for over three months because of the pandemic, the local theatre company will soon mosey back to the land Agrabah for two shows: one dedicated to the families of fallen Egyptian soldiers (July 23rd) and another for medical workers (July 24th). These dates coincide with the 68th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution of 1952. The production’s original cast - which includes Ahmed Ezz, Tara Emad, Sami Maghwary and Mohamed Tharwat - are all returning for both shows, which will follow the Ministry of Culture’s social distancing regulations.

Last March, before Armageddon became a new part of our daily lives and you were able to just pop into a showing of Aladdin whenever you felt like it, we got to sit down with the star-studded cast on how they adapted the magical tale of genies and princesses on to the Egyptian stage. Check out the video below: