Friday December 1st, 2023
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‘Eissa’ Becomes First Egyptian Film to Win Cannes’ Rail d'Or Award

Also known as ‘I Promise You Paradise’, Morad Mostafa’s refugee drama has just made history at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cairo Scene

Short film ‘I Promise You Paradise’ (also titled ‘Eissa’) makes history as the first Egyptian film to win the Rail d’Or Award at Cannes Film Festival’s Critics Week. Starring Kenyi Marcellino as Eissa, a 17-year-old Sub-Saharan African migrant in Egypt, the film follows his efforts to smuggle his loved ones out of the country after surviving a lethal street fight.

The film is co-produced by Red Star Films, Bonanza Films, Sea Cinema Productions, Shift Studios, Film Clinic and QAA' 23.