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Egypt’s Undiscovered Talents on Display at Safarkhan's 'Bloom' Exhibit

The off-season exhibit - which puts a new wave of contemporary artist on display - begins on June 1st and will run until August 15th.

safarkhan art gallery

Safarkhan Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, ‘Bloom’, ushers in a new wave of Egyptian contemporary art. With the exhibit set to open on the first of June, the Zamalek art gallery continues its tradition of offering up a curatorial lens on Egypt’s undiscovered talents.

The off-season exhibition is not only a tribute to young artists, but a holistic reflection of Egyptian identity through fine arts and its progression from ancient beginnings to modern times. Packaged as a comprehensive narrative, this exhibition will feature a diverse selection of 21 artists that unify the common threads that make up the fabric of our heritage.

With a selection of figurative works, abstract pieces, sculpture and compositional works, this exhibition will run until August 15th.

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