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Egypt’s National Library Releases Its Periodicals for Free

The national library and archives has just released its full database of historical and scientific periodicals online, for free.

national library

Need to do some serious research at the library for that big term paper, but they kicked you out because they wouldn't let you play your 'Lo-fi Hip-Hop Mix for Rainy Days and Studying' playlist without headphones? Need to catch up on some medical magazines for your internship but you're stuck in Sahel and forced to participate in "beach fun", with nothing but your 4G network to save you from the relentless task of building sandcastles for your little cousins? The National Library and Archives has just made all of its scientific and historical periodicals available for free online, so researchers and students can access them all wherever they may be.


The list of released texts include Turathyat (research and articles in heritage and manuscripts), Magalet Misr Al-Hadeetha (original research on modern history), Ruznama (political, economic, social, and cultural history), and dozens of children’s stories, among other publications. To access them, visit

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