Saturday July 13th, 2024
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EXCLUSIVE: The Arab Shows & Films Coming to Netflix in 2024

From new narratives to the return of fan favourites, here’s everything you need to know about Netlifx’s upcoming Arab releases.

Farah Desouky

EXCLUSIVE: The Arab Shows & Films Coming to Netflix in 2024

As we step into 2024, our binge-watching habits remain steadfast, and it's shaping up to be the year of Arab productions. Netflix MENA has unveiled a tantalizing glimpse into its upcoming releases, teasing a diverse lineup of nine projects set to grace our screens, spanning Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. From captivating new narratives to the return of fan-favourite series, there's something for every viewer.

Among the highlights is the eagerly awaited Egyptian series ‘Echoes of the Past’, boasting a stellar cast including Mahmoud Hemida and Asser Yassin. Additionally, fans can rejoice as the hit series ‘Finding Ola’ returns for its second season, with Hend Sabri reprising her role alongside new cast member Dhafer L’Abdine.



After a blow-out first season, the popular Jordanian series 'Al Rawabi School for Girls' is set to return to Netflix on February 15th with its highly anticipated second season, introducing a fresh cast to guide viewers through the complexities of high school life.

Created by Jordanian director Tima Shomali, the series will address issues such as bullying and self-image, offering a portrayal of characters navigating the challenges of adolescence. Produced by Filmizion Productions, the ensemble cast features emerging Arab talents like Tara Abboud, Sarah Yousef, Tara Atalla, Kira Yaghnam, Thalia Alansari and Raneem Haitham.



Finding Ola returns for its second season with actress Hend Sabri alongside newcomer Dhafer L'Abidine. The show, featuring a talented cast including Sawsan Badr, Hany Adel, Nada Moussa, Mahmoud El Leithy, Acel Ramzy, Omar Sherif, Yasmina El-Abd, and Tarek el Ebiary, follows Ola as she navigates challenges in her business and personal life, pushing her to reinvent herself in a journey directed by Hadi El Bagoury and produced by Hend Sabri and Amin al Masri, slated for release later this year.



Masameer County's characters return in Masameer Junior with their signature wit and humour, as three adventurous 6-year-old kids—Trad, Saltooh, and Saad—embark on a journey to find heaven after a warning from their teacher, aiming to avoid an unpleasant fate. Written by Abdulaziz Almuzaini and directed by Malik Nejer, Masameer Junior is set to be released in 2024.



After a successful debut season, The Exchange returns to Netflix for its second season, featuring Mona Hussain, Rawan Mahdi, Mohammed Al Mansour, Hussain Almahdi, and Faisal Alameri. Directed by Jasem AlMuhanna and produced by Abdullah Boushahri, the series, created and written by Nadia Ahmad, Anne Sobel, Adam Sobel, and Rulan Hassan, follows the compelling journey of Farida and Munira as they navigate the Kuwaiti stock market of the 1980s.



The hit Arabic reality show, comprising eight episodes, makes a comeback for its third season, offering an in-depth look into the lives of familiar faces and new members of the Dubai Bling community. Season three explores fresh relationships, changing aspirations, and ongoing drama among the cast.



‘Honeymoonish’ is a romantic comedy that follows Hamad and Noor as they navigate a whirlwind marriage that takes an unexpected turn. Through a series of misunderstandings and surprising revelations, the film delves into the complexities of love and the opportunity for second chances, offering a heartwarming journey. Starring Nour AlGhandour and Mahmoud Boushahri, written by Eiad Saleh, and directed by Elie El Semaan, the film is scheduled for an early release this year.



Saudi actress and filmmaker Fatima Al-Banawi makes her directorial debut in the Netflix film ‘Basma’, where she serves as the writer, director, and lead actress. The drama explores mental health as Basma, a young Saudi woman returning to Jeddah after studying in America, confronts challenging family truths.



‘Echoes of the Past’ features an ensemble cast led by Mahmoud Hemida and Asser Yassin, alongside Saba Mubarak, Sherif Salama, Shereen Reda, Rakeen Saad, Mohamed Tharwat, Mohammed Alaa, Tamer Nabil, and Huda Elmufti. Directed by Al Sadeer Massoud and written by Mohamed el Masry, the limited 8-episode series, premiering this year follows Yehia's quest for vengeance after his sister Nadia's tragic death. Produced by Charisma Group, with Mohammad Mashish as the executive producer.



‘Love is Blind, habibi’ is set to debut in the Arab World, hosted by Elham Ali and Khaled Saqr. The social experiment follows young single Arabs in the UAE as they embark on a journey to discover genuine love. Participants will meet others who share their values and aspirations for a family, aiming to form deep connections and propose without seeing each other. As they prepare for their weddings with the involvement of friends and family, the series explores whether they can overcome external obstacles and physical appearances to find lasting love.