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Award-Winning Egyptian Animated Short Films to be Published Through YouTube

The winners of the 10th Cairo International Forum for Animation will see their animated short films on the forum’s YouTube page once a week.

cairo international forum for animation

Egypt isn't exactly known for its animation industry. Sure, we've got Bakar - God bless him and his little goat - but it's slim pickings beyond that. So about a decade ago, the Cultural Development Fund launched the Cairo International Forum for Animation to support the few local animators who trudged through obscurity to pursue their passion. All these years later, and they're still going strong. They'll be putting up the winning films from the tenth edition of the Cairo International Forum for Animation on their YouTube page every Tuesday at 6 PM so we can all see what Egyptian cartoonists have been up to.

The first film - which was released on Tuesday, June 23rd - is called ‘A Long Way’ by Adel El Badrawy, and is just under five minutes long. The animation initiative’s move towards digitalizing these works for the public comes as a part of the Ministry of Culture’s ‘Khaleik Fl Beit...El Thaqafa Beni Edeik’ campaign that started with the pandemic last March.


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