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Arab Art for Sale is a Platform for For Budding Local Artists to Sell Their Work at No Commission

This nifty new platform allows you to upload your art and sell it with no commission and no catch!

arab art for sale egypt

Remember on quarantine day 7,6859,873 when you put on some slacks, put down some newspaper and chucked a bunch of paint on the floor à la Jason Pollock and realised your true calling as an artiste? Well now you can try and sell that multi-coloured mess online with no hassle and NO COMMISSION. @arabartforsale is a new platform that does exactly what it says on the tin; it takes original art from Arabs, and sells it on the interwebz. No catch, no commission.

This is great news for artists at a time when galleries and exhibitions have fallen through the crevices of COVID-19. This platform allows you to create your own online gallery simply by registering and uploading your art and pricing details.

As a customer you can browse a huge range of works from both professional and amateur artists with prices ranging from one hundred Egyptian pounds to thousands of US dollars.

The platform also hosts a range of handmade accessories and painted furniture that have also been created by Middle Eastern artisans. Head here to check out their selection.



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