Sunday December 10th, 2023
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27 Glorious Moments from Saturday Night’s Art D’Égypte Exhibition at the Egyptian Museum

Last Saturday night, the who's who of Egypt's culture scene and some of the world's biggest art heritage foundations were treated to à night at the Egyptian Museum. And not quite a la Ben Stiller.

Staff Writer

Last Saturday night, while you were sitting at home scarfing down Doritos and binging on Seinfeld reruns, we were having ourselves a little art fest at the Egyptian Museum, where, for one night and one night only, the ancient was starkly juxtaposed with the new. The gorgeous setup came as part of a collaboration with Art D'Égypte, an Egyptian Multidisciplinary firm founded by interior designer, art collector, and consultant Nadine Abdel Ghaffar to promote Egyptian contemporary internationally.

Eternal Light: Something Old, Something New is the first of many popup shows to be curated and organised by Art D''Égypte, according to Abdel Ghaffar. She vows that future exhibitions will also see contemporary art gorgeously emblazoned in heritage sites.  

The show featured sixteen Egyptian contemporary artists, including heavy weights like Hany Rashed, Ghada Amer, Youssef Nabil, and Mohamed Abla. The pieces adorned the walls of the museum to highlight how much Egyptian artists are influenced by their history. And even though all sixteen of them are known to straying far from tradition, it was easy to see how much inspiration they drew from the glorious civilisation bequeathed to us by our mighty ancestors.

Th exhibition saw powerhouses like Sultan Al Qassemi's Barjeel Art Foundation, Philips, CIB, Environmental Quality International (EQI), the Sawriris Foundation, and real estate giants Inertia and Hassan Allam Holding, as well as our very own neurotic and overprotective mama company MO4 Network, join forces to make, well, art.   

Before men, gods, kings, queens, art aficionados, and art heritage foundations from all over the world, Egyptian contemporary art stood as the proud descendant of a glorious dynasty that brought the world world to heel. Too bad you weren’t there to see it, but lucky for you, we had a camera! 

Zahi Hawass yields the floor to Nadine Abdel Ghaffar for her opening speech
Artist Youssef Nabil, actress Boushra, and athlete Amr Mansi admiring their visually stunning surroundings
Business tycoon Samih Sawiris and actress Yousra mid conversation

Ibis Assemblage by Adel EL Siwi
Zahi Hawass riles up the crowd with a speech
Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled El Enany
Say Goodbye, Self Portrait, Alexandria by Youssef Nabil
Pyramids by Sarwat El Bahr
Painting by artist Ahmed Morsi, Untitled

Eternal Light: Something Old, Something New is now on display at the Nile Ritz-Carlton, where it will be open for public viewing until October 31st. Find out more on Facebook.

Video and photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.